A group of researchers from ERECO (European Research Communicty PGV), while talking to their students, were surprised that they had difficulty talking about European citizenship. It was easy for them to describe what made them citizens of their country, but European citizenship did not evoke anything concrete, even though they described themselves as European.

Faced with this observation, 5 ERECO universities in France, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania decided to develop and propose a method to make Europe more familiar to students.

The ambition of the partners of this project was to make students of all nationalities live a new experience by gathering them not around European politics but around projects whose realizations are in line with European orientations.
Thus was born Citeuropass.

3 months to learn,
6 months to experiment
within a group of motivated international students
to create a frugal solution to an environmental problem,
This is the Citeuropass method to make students experience interculturality and develop their European citizenship!

At the end of the project, 45 students will have obtained the Citeuropass certification and acquired its specific skills: knowing how to work in a multi-cultural environment, with people of different backgrounds, with a common goal, on an inclusive and ecological project.

Citeuropass, for whom?
45 students from all disciplines, from European universities,

  • selected for their motivation, their interest in interdisciplinarity and interculturality,
  • concerned with environmental issues and sustainable development
  • with an appetite for innovation.

Citeuropass is a unique experience to learn to live the European citizenship!