Modular Moss Wall - 1st wave - Group 3

Modular Moss Walls is a creative solution aimed at enhancing indoor air quality. 
It introduces living moss into indoor spaces, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Frugal Innovation 

The main goal of our project is to be able to use nature’s very own air purifier, moss, a resource available almost everywhere.
We also want to minimize the use of electronic components and ensure cost-effectiveness by using low-cost or recycled materials like thin plank of wood from an old furniture. Behind the conception of our innovation we made sure to employ an open-source design in order to promote a wider accessibility and leave room for customization.

Biotechnology Application

Mosses, sensitive to environmental changes, function as valuable bioindicators, providing insights into air quality and ecological health. Concurrently, advancements in moss biotechnology enable genetic engineering, unlocking diverse applications across industries and showcasing potential innovations. This research highlights the adaptability of mosses, underscoring their significant role in advancing biotechnological developments.


Ecological Impact

Moss walls play a crucial role in enhancing environmental well-being by serving as effective air filters, improving indoor air quality for healthier living and working spaces. Additionally, these walls function as thriving ecosystems, supporting urban biodiversity by providing habitats for insects and microorganisms. Their role in temperature regulation, acting as natural insulators, not only promotes energy efficiency but also reduces the need for excessive heating or cooling, contributing to overall energy conservation. In summary, moss walls contribute significantly to creating a sustainable and harmonious indoor environment beyond their aesthetic appeal.

Open-Source Contribution

The Do-Doc platform is a dedicated resource for showcasing the moss wall project process and providing tutorials, aiming to empower individuals and teams with knowledge on design, installation, and maintenance. By fostering a community through shared experiences, the platform ensures successful replication and widespread adoption of moss walls, contributing to a broader knowledge pool. This collaborative approach supports ongoing research and development, enabling enthusiasts to leverage shared information for enhanced effectiveness and sustainability in moss wall projects.


Future Company Potential

The project lays the groundwork for a new interior design company specializing in moss wall installations and retail solutions. With a focus on personalized designs and sustainable practices, the company aims to meet the increasing demand for biophilic design in both commercial and residential spaces.

Tailor-made solutions not only enhance indoor atmospheres but also improve air quality. The implementation of modular moss walls, available in various sizes, aligns with a convenient approach, utilizing frames from botanical stores nationwide. As part of the distribution strategy, these moss walls are designed for easy installation and intended for purchase in botanical stores, making nature’s beauty easily accessible.

Differentiating from artificial alternatives, our natural moss installations contribute to improved air quality, providing an authentic and environmentally conscious choice for interior design. Envisioning a surge in interest in green interior design services, both commercial and residential spaces are investing in captivating moss walls. Specializing in biophilic consultations, our expert team collaboratively crafts bespoke designs that seamlessly integrate with existing architecture, aligning with the growing trend toward biophilic design.

Our competitors include interior design firms and sustainable material suppliers, and our ideal clients are individuals and businesses seeking innovative and sustainable interior design solutions, particularly those interested in biophilic elements like moss walls.


The Prototype Phase

The first prototype at the very beginning of the project: