Imagining and experiencing our European citizenship


The feeling of being European exists in most students, but would you know what this citizenship really is? How it is expressed and materialized? The Citeuropass training program aims to make you LIVE European citizenship through the realization of collaborative and innovative projects, with other students from 5 universities across Europe. At the end of this program, you will have acquired experience in project management in an international context and will be able to work in an intercultural environment. Skills that are sought after by all major companies and organizations worldwide.


Latest news

Meeting with Partners in Iasi -Romania (11-12 July 2024)

The Citeuropass partners’ meeting was held in the historic city of Iasi, Romania, on 11 and 12 July 2024.This event was an opportunity for the partners to strengthen their European collaboration, share their experiences from the 1st and 2nd waves in order to prepare for the 3rd wave, and discuss future initiatives such as the […]

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Testimonial from Alexandra-Ioana Simon, participant in the 2nd wave of Citeuropass (February-April 2024)

« I have been very impressed by Citeuropass. It is very different from the other projects I have already participated in because it is very practical oriented. We had to work together with the students from other European universities on a real product, make a prototype and it was very challenging for me. I think it […]

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2nd Pitch in Grenoble – 18 April 2024

After a few days of intensive preparation, students from the 2nd wave of Citeuropass Program pitched their prototypes in front of a jury.  Their projects illustrate fictious companies and products that use the living as technology, while demonstrating technological frugality. A notable example is a water pollution detection prototype using artemia as bio-detectors.

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