Imagining and experiencing our European citizenship


The feeling of being European exists in most students, but would you know what this citizenship really is? How it is expressed and materialized? The Citeuropass training program aims to make you LIVE European citizenship through the realization of collaborative and innovative projects, with other students from 5 universities across Europe. At the end of this program, you will have acquired experience in project management in an international context and will be able to work in an intercultural environment. Skills that are sought after by all major companies and organizations worldwide.


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First experience in Europe for Citeuropass next week !

Here (to upload) is the programme for all the students who got the registration. Welcome in the Citeuropass experience and get openbadges for your new skills in frugal innovation in a european context. Let’ start !

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Schedule of the first experience

Citeuropass is launching the first wave of experiments to learn about Europe while innovating as part of an international team in a frugal way! Here are the key dates when it’s a good idea to be there: Thursday 8 June at 3pm (Central European Time : CET), Monday 12 to Friday 16th of June, 2023 […]

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CitEuroPass Training & Student Projects

1st Call Discover Europe Through Innovative Collaboration CitEuroPass training and student projects brings you opportunity to gain skills for work in international teams and in online environment. You will work in a team and collaborate with students from France, Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia. The objective is to develop your skills of European citizenship through the […]

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