Imagining and experiencing our European citizenship


The feeling of being European exists in most students, but would you know what this citizenship really is? How it is expressed and materialized? The Citeuropass training program aims to make you LIVE European citizenship through the realization of collaborative and innovative projects, with other students from 5 universities across Europe. At the end of this program, you will have acquired experience in project management in an international context and will be able to work in an intercultural environment. Skills that are sought after by all major companies and organizations worldwide.


Latest news

2nd wave of Citeuropass students in Grenoble !

During the week of 15 to 19 April 2024, the European students of the second wave of the Citeuropass program have met together around their frugal innovation projects on the theme of water.  After a few days of intensive preparation, they pitched their prototypes in front of a jury.  Their projects illustrate fictitious companies and […]

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Safeguarding water at the heart of student technology projects

At the end of the European Citeuropass project (, French, Bulgarian, Romanian and Slovak students present their frugal innovation projects. The core of their projects is based on biotechnology and they are aiming for commercialization in a in a European context. In 2023 and 2024, 45 students experiment their capacity as European citizens, to build […]

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La sauvegarde de l’eau au cœur de projets technologiques étudiants

Au terme du projet européen Citeuropass (, des étudiants français, bulgares, roumains et slovaques présentent leurs projets d’innovation frugale. Le cœur de leurs projets repose sur les biotechnologies et ils se projettent vers une commercialisation dans un contexte européen. En 2023 et 2024, 45 étudiants expérimentent leur capacité de citoyens européens, pour bâtir ensemble et […]

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